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Horrible Histories'que WWI pilot by Rono22
Horrible Histories'que WWI pilot
I'm awkwardly not active lately when it comes to art and replying to comments since I have loads of work at the university. Next week, I'm attending an academic conference on humour; I have a topic on WWI humour and I'm frightened to death. And in two months time, I'm leaving for Spain for the Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona for half a year. That makes me even more anxious, goddamnit.

Anyway, I've been reading some "Horrible Histories" to put them big academic issues out of my mind for a while. And while I was reading I thought, what if Terry Deary wrote a book on Sir Harold Gillies or the reconstructive surgery, and have Marin Brown do the illustrations... That would be great, though highly unlikely. So, I decided to tone down my style a little and try something new; more in the vein of Brown 's illustrations which I find hilariously epic.
And here's my Brown'esque rendition of the WWI pilot, Henry Lumley. I even have some sketches of him, Walter Yeo, Sir Harold Gillies and other WWI-related characters but they are so rough I'm not sure I would finish drawing/inking them for a while. Duh, I just noticed I made Henry into a Blackadder-type personality, oh well xd You'll probably see in a (longer) while what will come out of this artistic stalemate.
Have a peaceful Remembrance Day. :rose:
WWI Reconstructive Surgery by Rono22
WWI Reconstructive Surgery
A tribute to the work of Sir Harold Gillies.

From left: Walter Yeo, one of the first people to undergo reconstructive surgery with a positive aesthetic results; Henry Ralph Lumley, probably the first person to survive extensive burns, also the first person to die due to reconstructive surgery; William Vicarage, the first man to receive reconstruction of the face in stages using the tubed pedicles.

Portraits greatly influenced by the artist Paddy Hartley; all excerpts from Gillies' Plastic Surgery of the Face or information found on Mr. Hartley's website/the Gillies Archives.
WWI Other Beauty: the Unquenchable Optimism by Rono22
WWI Other Beauty: the Unquenchable Optimism
William "Willie" Vicarage, Welsh watchmaker and a sailor serving on HMS Malaya during the Battle of Jutland. He was Sir Harold Gillies' patient. William was  probably the first person to receive staged facial reconstruction via the use of the tubed pedicles. The portrait presents William after his surgeries; the background consists out of a surgical sketch with pedicles grafted onto William's face, a silhouette'ish image of HMS Malaya and William's condition after the cordite burns. The excerpts filling the background are from Gillies' Plastic Surgery of the Face Gillies remembered his patient as a person filled with an "unquenchable optimism".

Due to the Great War's Centenary, expect some more portraits commemorating the WWI wounded and the development of reconstructive surgery.

The greatest inspiration for this little amateur project of mine was the work of the British artist, Paddy Hartley, known for his epic Face Corsets collection and Project Façade- without the latter, I would have never known of the hidden histories of the war wounded. I heard he is currently working on the continuation of his WWI-inspired art; I can't wait to see the results. Check out Mr. Hartley's

Other portraits from the series:
2nd Lieut Henry Ralph Lumley case:…
W.O. Walter Yeo case pt1:…
W.O. Walter Yeo…
The Man Who Was Dr Mabuse- Rudolf Klein-Rogge by Rono22
The Man Who Was Dr Mabuse- Rudolf Klein-Rogge
It's done! It's done!… The hell I went trough while working on this art doll; I couldn't deal with this magnificent bastard for almost four months. Thank God to my unyielding dedication to this silent era actor, otherwise I'm not sure I would have finished this piece. :love: 

Rudolf Klein-Rogge (24 November 1885/88 – 29 May 1955), Fritz Lang's main stay when it came to villains, famous for his roles in Dr Mabuse, Der Mude tod, Nibelungen, Spione, Metropolis, Das Testament des Dr Mabuse and many others.

I'm not quite sure why I've been captivated by the acting skills and looks of this particular actor. Considering that silent cinema is somewhat out of fashion (huh, obviously xd) it's rather odd choice for the 'favourite actor' section. I'm not sure whether it is due to his unique yet charismatic physiognomy, acting skills, archetype villain status or something else. I wouldn't call him handsome in a way it has been perceived through centuries, that is, due to the symmetry of the face since this man's face was slightly asymmetric, making it a pain to draw or sculpt x___x I believe he belongs to a different type of handsome category, where the therm 'uncanny' hits the roof pretty painfully. But damn, I can't think of him any different as handsome. There's something that can take you aback at first while looking at him, but then again, after you finish watching any film with him, you cannot take his image out of your head. He's definitely a type of an actor you cannot simply ignore; he invokes emotions, and very strong ones at that. I  remember the first film I saw with Rudi was Metropolis some 4 or 5 years ago. It's interesting, but every time I watch any film with Rudi (and most of the old films), although I saw most of them at least a few times each, it's as if I saw him on the screen for the first time. I guess it's how you distinguish great films/actors. But enough of my rumblings; I just can't figure out the uniqueness of this man.

42 cm tall. The head, hands and feet are made out of paper mache, painted with acrylics, glazed. The body is soft, button jointed. All patterns were from an old German book, slightly modified. Shirt is made out of cotton, tie is 100% silk, the suit is 47% wool, (trousers have creases), shoes are made out of genuine leather with soles out of industrial felt.

I dedicate this piece to the great acting skills of Rudolf Klein-Rogge and the directing genius of Fritz Lang without whom I wouldn't treat cinema as such a serious business as far as dedicating my entire MA thesis to the villains of the Weimar films. :heart:


Born 22 November 1991, so I'm always late with everything in comparison to my peers.

My Etsy:…
I've had Etsy for quite a while but didn't add any items; if there's something on my deviantart you'd like to see on sale there, let me know.…

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